Over 150 Honeywalkers are being used everyday, Australia wide by leading trainers and studs.
How could so many people be wrong?

Quality Custom-Made with Horse Safety in Mind

Our aim is to deliver affordably-priced, maintenance-free, high quality custom-manufactured horse walkers that are designed to meet the needs of both Horse Trainer and Horse Handler, with your horses’ and people’s safety as our top priority.

Every Honey Walker is professionally hand-crafted from galvanised steel and painted in hammer tone to your colour choice, and its attractive roof will ensure that wet or hot weather is no longer a problem.

The Honey Walker is designed in partnership with the Trainer to suit individual needs, is silent in operation, and undergoes rigorous quality control testing, ensuring it is free from manufacturing defects before delivery. The Honey Walker is fully guaranteed, and will keep your racing and performance horses in top condition, rehabilitate your injured horses, and exercise your entire team in safety and comfort.

Quality Custom-Made Walkers with Horse Safety in Mind

The Honey Walker

Regular exercise is essential for your horses’ general well-being, and a controlled exercise routine is invaluable when rehabilitating injured animals. Turning them out into a spare paddock does little to guarantee that they will get the exercise they need, and lunging or having riders exercise them can be unreliable, time-consuming and costly.

The Honey Walker is the next level in conditioning, training and rehabilitation without constraints, replacing hand-walking, ponying, and treadmills, and provides the perfect alternative for simultaneously exercising several horses at a time, at a controlled pace. The Honey Walker can be built to accommodate 6, 8 or 12 horses.

The Honey Walker allows horses to move freely between a set of gates that travel at your specified pace, inside a circular fenced track, allowing them to move naturally as they would in a paddock or on a lunge line.

Breeder’s Choice

There are now more than 150 Honey Walkers working throughout Australia, and the Honey Walker is recommended by the country’s top breeders and trainers. Owners say they don’t know how they did without the Honey Walker.

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